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Stella and Erik playing Horsey

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I have pretty dim memories of my childhood, but I remember horsey… in particular, that Gram was a pro.

At the VA she could toss her soldier boys around like rag dolls, so bouncing me was about as difficult as breathing for her :)

SVS – The Original, Post-WWII, WrinkleFree Zone

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

So… today while I’m scanning and cutting up images of Stella, her sister Milly (my Auntie) tells me a funny story about Mom that I hadn’t heard before. It goes something like this:

Stella and her 3 baby sisters – Milly, Lilly and Ruth – shared a flat over Hollands’ Dry Cleaning Store in Fargo, ND for a couple years – circa 1943-1945. (Tidbit of Fargo history: their cousin F. Ralph Hollands owned and operated the dry cleaning store and was also their landlord and diligent chaperone.)

During this time, Stella graduated as an R.N. from St. Luke’s Hospital (also in Fargo), and immediately went to work as a surgical nurse at the VA hospital in Fargo. She took the bus to the VA every day – about half an hour each way.

“But in the morning – on her way to work”, Aunt Milly tells me, “your mother would stand up in the bus and hold on to a strap – all the way to the VA – even if there were seats available! She didn’t want to to sit down because she didn’t want to wrinkle her uniform before she got to work!”

rnStanding4.jpg Ja! That’s Mom! (Click picture for larger view!)

rnSitting4.jpg Obviously, taken at the END of her shift! (Click picture for larger view!)